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Unapologeticly Handmade  
I make functional pottery to beautify your life and make you happy 

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Variations in color, shape and construction will occur and should be celebrated
as they are a mark of human hands touching every single piece -
Shelly Jean of Papillon Enterprises

About CruzinArt Ceramics and Julie Cruz

"CruzinArt" was born out of combining the two last names that I have had in my lifetime. "Arter" was my maiden name when I was a wee lass. "Cruz" is my married name -  thus "CruzinArt".

Like so many others, I started my life of pottery-making in a ceramics studio in high school in Fullerton, California where art and PE were my favorite. 40 + years later I received a gift certificate from my son and his wife to Muddy's Studio in Santa Ana and the love and passion for pottery was rekindled. I spent a year of practicing part time after work into the dark of night and on weekends. Circumstances "allowed" me to then pursue my love for pottery full time and I have been at it full time for 1 year. 

I enjoy making functional pottery and things that folks would love to use and display in the their homes. I am constantly developing new designs and styles and always looking for new creations that people will enjoy. I sell my goodies at makers' fairs, craft shows, farmers' markets as well as online on my etsy page. 


  • Julie Cruz.... ummm me
    Potter - mud slinger
    I am a blessed woman with an incredible supportive family and a ton of grand kids. If someone tells me to enjoy my "golden years" - in my mind I am saying "bite me" - but since I am good Christian woman... I smile and nod. 
  • Stella and Mosley
    Stella and Mosley - mom and son. Constant companions and eaters of my clay scraps.  
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Let's stay in touch. I am always updating my line and going to various shows. I'll send you my latest and greatest and how you can add them to your collections! 

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